Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today my hello is in my language. =D
After a whole week without posting, here i am again.
Well, today was satsang day again and i was there at the institute shooting the actors when i realized that i forgot to sign my attendance.
Shit shit shit shit shit...
And i lost a violin class to go to this satsang; I need this attendance so i can finish my course as soon as possible but then, i forgot... holy crap.
Anyway,. I shoot some of my friends after the satsang, they were asking what i am up to with my camera , hahah, i told them its just a new hobby! Then i went back home, watched a movie and now i am suppose to finish that damn talks because also, i discovered that i need to do 2 talks before starting the 7 days camp - otherwise i can't do it. Hunf:~
Yah, i ll be volunteer of this 7 days camp, i think it will be fun, cause a lot of foreigns (i never know how to spell this word) come to do it, usually they do this course because foreigns dont have much time to expend here in India, they usually come to visit or business, both cases they dont have time enough. One thing about this camp that i dont like, is that the institute explain the concept of humility, but if they only explain it would be ok, but also, they make the students clean the institute, like sweeping the floor or cleaning the windows. I mean, this is not right i guess, its exploration, hahaha.
I am telling this because i believe its not cleaning floors and windows that will make one humble.
I believe that through explanation and examples we can awake the feeling of humility in someone. For example, i was talking to a friend on messenger and we reached this subject, i told him that by living here, seeing all this people on the streets, i stopped complaining about having tissues in the toilets. hehehe, this is just an example, but yet i tell you, that by living here and seeing, i stopped complaing about many things; materialistic things most of the times.
So, now i can show you some pictures, but which pictures? I posted all pics from India in my album at
Ok, so, this pic is also in my orkut but nevermind, its one of my favorites!
Look, they look like Chiquititas! Soo cute! I was walking and i saw them, they noticed that i was trying to take their pic, haha, then this girl from right side (who is pointing the finger) asked me if i wanted their pic, and she said me to come by their side, so that we could appear in the pic together. I shoot this pic then they had to rush cause their bus was coming...
Now see this girl with scarf and pants; she looks like muslim, but i am not sure if she is. I m judging only by the clothes. Well, she is not looking at me while shooting. I heard once that muslims cannot take pictures, now dont ask me, cause i dont know if its true, hehe, i must ask this... But last year, i took a picture with a friend of mine, she follows islamism. I dont understand that much of religions, but if its the same thing i dont know. Now i am curious about that and i feel like figuring it out. hihu!
Now this elephants are for the coming festival wich is Ganesh! I am sure everybody heard about Ganesh once in a life. hehehe
Ganesh is one god of hinduism, also is considered the master of intelect and knowledge. He is also know as Remover of Obstacles (Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles), because he has an elephant head and his transportation is a rat. On this way, he shows logics solutions for problems.
This festival takes 10 days of duration and indians make big parties at the streets and they carry statues of Ganesh to the temples, its nice to see, the festival will start on 2nd september i think... I know its on the beginning of september.
I am sure from that time, i will have a lot of pics to show you! huihuih
For those who dont know which god i am talking about, here goes a pic of him:

Thought for the day:
" When you fail even after putting your best effort, keep in mind GOD must have had better plans for you hence you failed."
Written in 2008 by Yogender Singh --- India


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Satsang day!

Now, while eating pringles i am typing this post. Nham...
Well, today was a reflective day i would say.
I woke up, went to satsang* in the morning, then i was waiting for a brasilian friend to come here, but she didnt come. I mean, she is sister of my brother's friend, so, my brother called him to have lunch here, my mom told me to invite his sister also. Well, let's say we are not close friends. We just know each other.
They just didnt come, without call us to say they could not make it.
So, now, i have to eat Lasagna every day...
My parents and brother went out, i stayed home doing my talks and books summaries. Then the power got off, i mean, no lights, in the night, luck of me my mobile was next to me, so i could take a few candles. At this moment Max was with me, we were alone in the house, i mean, if i would be alone i think i would be very scary or kinda of. But my dog was with me, i felt like i should 'protect' him, so i wasnt scary, i was very calm and took the candles. It seems nonsense, but in fact, we have this instincts.. Another example was when we (mom, 'brotha', dog and me) were at the airport . If i would be alone maybe i would get lost or feel like lost, but i was the one who could communicate properly and i was thinking about taking care of my family, so i felt more 'responsible'. Usually, my dad does everything at these places like airport, but this day, dad was not there. We made ourselves on our own. (:
Back to today, hehe, i am feeling a bit weird. But not because of the blackout or whatever, I mean, people forget us very easily, i was looking at my orkut.. what for do i have that thing?!
Well, it took more time for this to happen then i really thought. I am thankful anyway.
Now back to India, hueuheh...
*Satsang is a kind of acting that we do every sunday to teach yoga for the public, anyone over here can come and watch, its free; i mean, we teach yoga through acting, performance, its very fun, a different way to teach yoga) .We have 2 kinds of teachers training course, the hindi batch and the english batch, in alternate sundays, each batch make your performance and also decoration of the institute.. Usually we get tired after each satsang, but is fun..
Surely i took pictures to show you and also, i made a smaaaaall video clip; this last sunday satsang was in hindi.
This is the video:

And here i have some pictures. Look carefully at each detail, each cloth... (:
Now this is a part of the decoration. It's the OM symbol. Very popular in yoga stuffs.. It's made of petals, sometimes, they make with colourful sand.. Its just so beautiful!
Particurlarly, i prefer with sand, its more delicate..
Candles are always present in the satsang.
Ah ya, they dont the habit of lighting incenses. I mean, i see some incenses to sell, but at the institute i never saw someone practicing with it. Weird, but yet, i never asked, hahaha, i will ask surely. ;D
Now see this picture below, they were acting! (:
Those in the middle, in white and orange colour are Dr Jayadeva and Hansaji. They are the masters of the institute, the teacher of the teachers! heheueueh! In indian culture, people touch their (masters) feet to show respect.
Now i will become their photographer,. hahahah!
Next satsang i ll be acting, i hope someone take pics of me! :D
Ah ya ya, i told that i am very shy etc etc, but, its not the end of the world, i ll do that *again* easily,. hihuhih
Sorry for not write that much today also, its already midnight. Gotta sleep.
Yeah, i am becoming better on managing my camera! XD
Oh yeah, one more thing, i have deleted my flog. -- Its not a new information anyway.

Thought for the day:
" Ignore weak moments, but never ignore what made you weak at that moment."
Written in 2006 by Harsha R. --- India

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kinda boring.

Today, saturday, kinda boring day. I did nothing very useful i guess.. I just washed the dishes (boring³), then studied a little about english, went to yoga class. Booooring. The first lecture was about babies. Dude... I didnt deserve that lecture... Then we had the medical talks. More interesting. After that, Dr. Jayadeva took the lecture about sutra. Usually i am not able to understand him very well, because he speaks too low and not that clear. Anyway, when i dont follow him, i copy from someone else. hihuh!
Then finally we had Samkhya class. It was interesting, the class i enjoyed the most today.
Ok, now...what to write... I could speak about yoga again, but today i feel like not speaking very much.
I can talk a little more of India.. how about that? :D
I told someday that we have small shops (stores) over here..
See, actually, there are some small shops more acessible, but they usually are near a big mall or kind of. >>
Looks like christmas time isnt it?! I like this road very much, there are lots of stores, no place to walk at all but we can have a lot of fun! heheue
Now, if you look at these three guys in front of the shop, yes, they were looking and probably talking about me. hehehehe
I can say that indians are very curious. They keep looking at me, making questions like -how many baths you take in a day, how do you do your hair curls (man, every day i have to explain that i do nothing.) etc.. Also, they take our pictures with their mobiles and they think i am not noticing but actually i am very aware! heuheheuheh.. Okay okay, i am taking their pictures too, so, no reason to be angry. In the truth, we take pictures from each other because our difference is too big, i mean, we look different, we have different habits, different religion, everything is different, i just cannot find anything same as Brazil. Even the big brands are different. Yes, adidas is not the same everywhere! hehehe. I mean, in Brazil we have adidas clothes for sports, here they have too, but, can you imagine you doing a sport with gold or silver t-shirt.. i mean, every clothes are so shiny, hahahah. Yet, women like to go to gym with fashion silver bag and they keep feet nails always long. (i think they are not able to wear tennis with that nails..)
I dont think women from here like to wear tennis anyway. (:
Now, this is the open-air market or street market if you prefer so.

Yaaah, you can see this pic and say

unpleasant things or whatever, but i tell you what, many times, these fruits are better than the supermarket ones... Seriously.
Look at this guy clothes. Pink t-shirt. For them, its just one more color. They dont have 'blue for boys and pink for girls'. All colors are the same.

Now see the woman's clothes. Its traditional indian clothes (women). This cloth name is Saree ( pronuncia-se: sarí ) and usually old women wear this kind of clothes more than youngers. Youngers are now wearing more western clothes, but they still like their own (indian) clothes. I mean, i have friends that wear only western clothes, but when they see me in indian clothes they praise me so much....

Now see one picture of youngsters wearing western clothes... They were probably going to or leaving from college. (:
(remember i told about the tennis?! huhuihuhui)
Yeah, i like to talk about India. Theres a lot to say about and yet you want to know more and more. (:
Well, i think i am done for today!
Hope you enjoyed the pics, though they are small.. :/

Thought for the day:
" The power of thought is the only thing over which you have complete, unchallenged, and unchallengeable control."
--- Napoleon Hill ---

Friday, August 22, 2008


Today, my mom was alone instead of me. heueuhe. I went to yoga earlier, for special class. We have to observe this classes (one per month) and make notes and take signature. Well, everybody knows that i am very organized with my stuffs, hehe, so, i made my notes in a draft, so i could make beautifully in my real book later. Teacher didnt give me the signature, she said only after i write on the right book. shit. Never again i shall go to this batch (I used to go in the morning, today i went in the afternoon).
Anyway, after that i decide to explore the institute road. My friend from hindi batch came with me. She does not speak english, only a few things, but we are friends. huhuhh. We went to a small shop and had ice cream and orange juice (of course i would have my favorite juice, even if i had an ice cream in hands. heheh).
Then I came back to the institute for regular classes, my friend went home. Remember i told that i usually give ride for Payal and Sudhi?! Well, indians are so shy with some things, i must say, hahaha.. today my dad was in the car to pick me up, and payal got in the car, Sudhi didnt, he went home by train, he was shy because my dad was in the car... It is not the first time that it happens, i think indians are like that.
Yaah, i am talking about indians, so i feel like posting some pics from here.. huihuihu

That guy was having fun hahahah; those boys noticed that i was taking their pics, so i just waved at them, they laughed, i tried to take pic of them laughing but the car moved out. ):
Yaa, they use formal clothes as school uniform.. I think they look like "chiquititas" heueuhehuh, but some of them, are cute. (ya, i am not friend of children. heueuheh)
Once, i was at the airport and i saw an indian boy with tuxedo and shoes.. i was wondering where was the wedding, but actually, their parents made this to him. heheueuh, pity... he would be hours inside the plane with that clothes.
Who would like a Pepsi?!?!

Well, the small shops i always talk about are like this one. hehehe
Not kidding!!!
I shall show another picture to prove my words..

Dude, i really wanted my pictures larger, bigger, but this blog i dont know how to opperate very well i guess... pictures are very small here ):
If you guessed 'man, whole mumbai is in workmanship' yes, you are right. I think i inhale lots of kilos of dust. If wasnt yoga to help me to breath.. hehe, i would be doomed i guess.
Yah, that's it, i ll not write too much today. Also, i will not speak about yoga stuffs today. I started to write late night, means, i am tired.
Hope you enjoy the pics. (:
Ah ya, i changed again the font. XD

Thought for the day:
" Have a unique feature, like salt. Its presence is not felt but its absence makes things tasteless/useless!"
--- Author Unknown ---

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loneliness, yamas and happiness

I changed the font, its bigger and better to read now. hihuuh
Today my day is totally summarized in being alone.
Yeah, cause the made didnt come, my mom went for a lunch at her friend's home, my brother and dad were not here too.
My mom's friends called me to go for lunch too, but i dont like this kind of meeting where they usually ask you about what you do in life, why i am here, why i am not doing that, why why and why. And they keep making unpleasant suggestions, comments and jokes and yet, having indian food. Nobody deserves that.
Anyway, so, i stayed at home. Then i got tired of being at home and went to have my lunch at Subway. Hihuh! But yet.. i was alone.
After that i went home, did nothing useful, and yet, i was alone.
Then i had yoga class. Quite normal, Shilpaji came today, she is a teacher that i dont like that much, she usually give us a good scolding; i mean, everytime. Also, she point her finger toward us and make questions, if we dont answer, or make mistakes, she will tell that we are not taking seriously the classes. Boring.
She will be pursuing me when the day of my exam be very close. That's why i am explaining all this yoga stuffs for you, i have to be prepared. hueuheeuh.
Usually, i give ride for Payal and Sudhi (indian girl and indian boy, and today, i wished not to give ride, i wanted more time alone, but they came. huhehehe); in the car, Payal asked me if she answered right about happiness. The question was: How does yoga define happiness?
She answered something like "having positive toughts towards life and following yamas* and niyamas* and Samkhya philosophy." *Yamas and niyamas will be explained later.
I just told her, that i cannot tell her if her answer was right or wrong.. everybody has a point of view, different opinions, ways to see life. Then she asked me what would i have answered. I told my point of view: "Happines is within us, we dont need to seek for it, we need to see it, it's a state of mind. Yoga help us to see/find it inside us."
I understand if you do not agree, as i said, i believe in each one's opinion.
(Of course i believe that we are not able to smile every time. Everybody has your time of 'not in a mood' heheh)
Okay, i ll talk about yamas and niyamas.
Starting with yamas.
Yamas brings us order in our activities, we have duties in life and we need this order. Yamas are restrictions, all those "dont do". They say how we must deal with external world. In hatha yoga, we have 5 yamas: Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha.
About Ahimsa:
It means non-violence. Usually when people say about non violence, they think violence is only on wars, etc. But actually, we practice violence also towards ourselves and we dont even notice. Example: When you have bad inputs to your mind and/or body, its violence toward yourself. Getting angry is also violence towards yourself and others. We must live in peaceful state ALWAYS.
About Satya:
It means Truthfulness. Simple: say the truth.
About Asteya:
Also very simple, means dont steal.
Sexual continence. Nothing more to say.
Non - possessiveness. Materialistic world makes us suffer. But yet, non possessiveness can be not related to materialism, for example: someone who are not able to let go others. (attachment)

This are the yamas which we practice to live better in a society. Yes, i follow that, at least i try, heheu, as a yogi, i must at least try.
I am tired of writing, i ll continue the niyamas next post..

Thought for the day:
" Some people believe in destiny and some make their own. Which one are you?"
--- Written in 2008 by Jasper T. --- Australia

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ah, yesterday, at the yoga institute, one girl fell down, she was still holding her asana, when she released the asana, she just fell down without explanation. She hit her face on the floor, the noise was clear and i saw the moment she fell. I was wondering what happened, she told she has no health problems.. It proves that yoga is not that easy as many people think. hehehe.
Today i started writing my talks. I think i need some help, cause i haven't done any yet. Talk = to make a lesson plan and talk at class. I dont know how it ll be, i am soooo shy³, you just cannot imagine.

I mean, i gave classes before, i am not shy while teaching, but giving a class is diferent from giving a talk (on talks, everybody is seeing, evaluating you, making questions to test you...). Woo. Not that easy.
Today we had public speaking class, teacher asked me to speak about Parikarmas (wth?). Dude, i really didnt want to, i mean, without any preparation, i was scary.. so i pushed the task to someone else. Fine, but in the end, teacher told me to go there and speak anyway, about whatever i want to. Aww, i bet you all dont know how much i am shy. I am extremely shy.. But, no choice, i went there and spoke about something secret. ( i ll not say here on this blog, its too early, maybe next post. ;)
I found horrible, i was speaking slowly and making pauses, but at least i was smiling a lot. Thats one of the benefits of being shy, i just smile. huihuih

Okay, now i ll explain what are Parikarmas. (:
Parikarmas also make part of Samkhya philosophy (that i mentioned before). They are attitudes to embellish the mind! (Cute isnt it?! huihiu)
In Samkhya, we have 4 parikarmas: Karuna, Mudita, Maitri and Upeksha. (sanskrit words)

Let's talk a little about Karuna:
It means Compassion. So, if we seek to heal our wounds, we also want that others heal their wounds too, reducing the suffering of the world. I mean, when we help others and make easy their process of healing and transformation, we all get benefits, getting the union of those surrounding us.

It means friendliness. We need to be friendly with people and not shout or being rude. Love and
be loved.
Now, about Mudita:
It means Joyous of others virtues. One example of the mind-state of mudita is a parent observing a growing child's successes.
And finally Upeksha:

It means, indifferent to vices. Not to distinguish between friend, enemy or stranger, treat equally others.

Now you can notice that Maitri and Karuna are hopes, how we should behave in situations. Mudita and Upeksha are attitudes to what has already happened.
This is part of a philosophy that i really try to follow in my life, and i like to being here, sharing. (:

Thought for the day:
" Let's dream big� let's dream positive� let's be determined and committed� let's not forget our values and ethics� let's be firmly grounded to our roots� and let success follow us."
--- Written in 2008 by Nisha Grace --- India

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hair cut

Hello everybody! (is there someone over here?)
I was suppose to explain that end of my last post right?!
Well, i feel like not wanting to, but i will...
Yoga says: Accept things/situations as they are.
Ok, i ll accept, but my theory is that i can change the thing/situation IF possible! And make my best to try to change if its a bad thing/situation. Well, everyone has a theory, i just told mine now.
Aww, yet, i have to look for topics for my yogi talks.. We do talks (presentations) on this course. And yet, I feel a bit insecure about my english, but i think i can handle it well.

Waaa, i made another video about indian television, but its not possible to post here cause its not working on computer, only in my camera i can watch. I dont know why, its in .avi file, it was suppose to work...
Anyway... I ll try to figure it out.
This post will be related only to ME, because sometimas we must take the day only for us, to go to a beauty saloon, go shopping etc..
Ahhh, beauty saloon, love that. ;D
Today was my appoiment for a hair cut.
It has been a long time i dont cut my hair, but today, 'boh', the 'hair cutter' didnt have pity of me. o_O
Actually, i wanted my appointment with Winston, a chinese man, but he is out of town, so, a chinese woman was there, i dont know her name..
I told her, i wanted the same cut that Winston have done and also i said her not to cut so much. I think she didnt take me seriously. hehehe

When she finished, i was impressed, my hair is so cute, its short, but cute! Everybody is saying that they prefer my hair when it was long. I understand them, but in fact, i loved this hair cut!
Now, this is how i look with long hair (left) and this is how i look now, in short hair (right):

I could make my long hair as "lion" as short, but long. o_O (understood that?!) But... its very wild. Society is not prepared for that. huaeuheuhauheuhaeuh

Thought for the day:
" Your morning thoughts may determine your conduct for the day. Optimistic thoughts will make your day bright and productive, while pessimistic thinking will make it dull and wasteful. Face each day cheerfully, smilingly and courageously, and it will naturally follow that your work will be a real pleasure and progress will be a delightful accomplishment."
--- Author Unknown ---

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wrong Knowledge

Well, today I was expecting some guys to fix my room's wall, but, as usually, they didnt come.
Then i went to yoga class. Quite normal. Nothing different from usual.
I reached home, came to computer, doing some researches...

Today, at yoga institute, we were studying some sutras and talking about Avidya (wrong knowledge) and other derivatives like Anitya (not permanent) and others.

I would like to share a little of this interesting class. (:
In yoga, we have Samkhya philosophy, its a beautiful philosophy which everybody should read at least once.
Anitya (sanskrit word) is something not permanent.
- We believe everything is permanent, but noo, even our body, its not permanent. Thoughts also arent permanent at all. Everything changes.
Another thing is, we think we are pure, because we get attached to our body, how we look. Materialism causes us pain. We are not pure. Let's put some humility into our mind.
Ignorance > Materialism > Ego > Attachment > Suffering/Pain.
So, Avidya > Thoughts of what is not permanent, not pure and painful. We call it wrong knowledge.

Any situation of your life, it's not permanent. Let it be, learn not to get hurt.
(Yoga also says, accept things/situations as they are, but i agree in parts, i have a theory about it, i ll talk about it on the next post. ;)

New blog.

Hello! Here i am creating one more blog.
I will not tell what is this blog about, cause i haven't decided yet; same for the language.
Maybe this blog can substitute my flog, cause flog is for pop people, i am a nerd. @_@
I will make this post very simple. I like simple things. (:
Right now i am watching Axn, its there one movie that i forgot the name (tipical) , i have watched many times this movie and i like the soundtrack.
Also, i am uploading a video on , its a video made by me, just to have an idea on how interesting is the indian television. (boh...)
This is the vídeo:

Hope you enjoy. (:
Now i finish with a thought for today:

" The smallest good deed is greater than the grandest intention."
-- Written in 2008 by Ybonette Gonzales - Philippines