Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wish to...

Hello everyone! (:

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all!

I am here to tell you that finally i got over my yoga teachers trainning course! Yaaaa, just waiting my certificate to be ready now.
Anyway, i m gonna share what did i do today.
I woke up and watched Animal Planet. heheh
It has been sometime i didnt watch, i was missing it. uheuhe
Two photographers went to Quenia - Africa to photograph wild life. I found this tv show really nice, cause they didnt have to touch or cause any stress to the animals. They were there, in the middle of the jungle and savanas and were not touching anything, just photographing. Cool!
Then i went shopping with mom and brother. I was looking for jeans and shoes but i bought a bag. hehehe
I was suppose to go to a demo class of kickboxing, but we got late from the mall, so i m going to this demo class on saturday.
I came back home and watched Supernatural. I am addicted to it, hahaha
I like to watch Dean :~ lol
Reflecting on today and what i ve been thinking this week, i would like to share some of my wishes to next years, not necessary 2009, but things i wish to do during my life.
1) Safari Africa - To do like those photographers;
I love animals, i love to be in touch with nature, wildlife is just amazing and i wish to be in touch with it in the future.
2) Comb a lion's hair - lol, no, i am not crazy. One day i will. (I just dont know who will photograph me, but in case no one wants, i ll take a tripod. hehehe) Maybe i could do that in a zoo. =D
3) Cross Route 66 - In a car, listening to a good rock n roll. Alone or with somebody, doesnt matter, feeling like heaven is what matters.
4) To visit Amazonia in Brazil - Its my country, its nature of my country. I should go. I wanna go.
5) To make a snow man - I never touched snow :(

Ok, these are my very challengeful dreams, now here go some other ones that i have in mind for 2009:
1) To do my college in a university abroad - This doesnt depend only on me, but its not prohibited to dream. heheh
2) To be back to karate - thats my lifestyle, i wanna come back to it.
3) To teach yoga
4) To make my book for modelling - Why not?! Easier here in India than in Brazil...
5) To keep learning violin and guitar

These 10 were materialistics wishes, well, not that materialistic, a little bit i would say.
I prefer these kind of materialism than materialism that dont give us experience in life. Like shoes or bags for example.
Ahhhhh, i like to buy these stuffs but you know, its different.

Anyway, so here some wishes that i have in mind for the rest of my life:
1) Seeing God in everywhere/one
2) To love
3) To do my best, always
4) Dont having expectations
5) Drinking water
6) Being positive
7) Eliminating mind defects - fear, hate, ego, ignorance, attachment
8) Being friendly
9) Keep smiling
10) Always having more challenges to be completed - My life is complete when i have challenges remainning.

Now, two things that will never change:
- I will always be thankful to God
- I will always be happy

" Enjoy the day's simple pleasures and may those pleasures, simply make your day."
Written in 2008 by Joe M. Galante --- Canada