Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sevagram tour - A journey to the heart of India

Ahnmn, i told that i would tell about my trip in this post, isnt it?!
Well, i ve got the pics now :D
I went to Wardha here in India. I was hosted in Arogyadham ( It is a nice place, they have some activities like yoga and naturopathy. I would say its like a spa. I loved the treatments and the enviromment is very good too, but i found the food a little spiced in the beginning, but after the second day they were making non spiced food. (Good for me, haha)
Here one pic of the place:
This small doors are the rooms and there is a small very round tree, there is the massage/naturopathy room.
Some treatments i ve done:
- whole body mud application
hauhah, this was so funny, my friend and i did together, the woman applied mud on us then we had to be under the sun for a while, i was feeling like a monster after the mud dried. hahaha, then we took shower outside, cold water. haha, sounds weird but the weather was hot so it was fine.
- Spinal bath
Ah ok, this was nice but not sooo nice. heheh
I mean, i had to lie on a machine that massages the spine with water; the water comes 'with strenght' and its a little uncomfortable. I was wishing the time pass fast. hehe
- Massage
I dont need to say anything, massage is always nice. haha
- Steam bath/face
Hahaha, man, this was funny. First i did the facial steam, this was normal. The woman put a towel on my head and the steam was coming to my face. After that we feel very fresh.
The problem was the bath steam.. heheheh, they have cut a wood box so that people would get inside and this wood box has a whole so that your head stays out of the box.
I tried to get inside the box but i am too tall... my shoulders were on the same level of the whole.
If i had insisted, my knees would be bended. hahah damn it. i couldnt try the body steam. anyway...
- That green cream on the face
Hehehe, they loved to see my green face, i have pics but its not on the pc. heheh
- Jalaneti
This is kriya yoga, i knew only one way to do jalneti, now i know 2 ways.
look what i learnt there:
I wish i had my pic doing this. hahah
It seems very difficult but its not.
You just have to put the pot in your nose and wait for the water to come out. Please dont do that at home without knowing properly how to do. Im just telling the gross thing, but actually the water should be well prepared. anyways..
The other way to do (the way i already knew) is like you have to breath in the water through one nostril then the water should go to your mouth. These are techniques of cleanness.
On this trip, i went with my yogic friends. We were 3 brasilians and 2 indians. (:
Well, next post i ll post something about my routine over there (beside the treatments, haha)
Today i m doing 2 posts in one day because my computer is not working (damn it) and .. anyway.
I ll be back. (:

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hello (after a long time...)!
Uau... i dont know why i took such time to come back to this blog, but anyway, i am back. (:
I ve done an interesting trip here in India, but i ll talk about this later on because the pics are not in this computer and i want to talk about it with the pics.
So, i ll tell about a hindu ritual that i did this week! :O
I live in a peaceful building.. and they were building another build right beside my building, hehehe, did u get this part? So, now the new building is ready and they wanted to celebrate (celebrate is not the right word for that but i forgot the word i need). I mean, to use the new apartments, they needed to do a ritual and to do this ritual they needed a non married girl/woman. (I think its because non married girls represent purity... i guess)
So, since the building is very small, i am the only girl non married.. so they called me to do.
I went there.
First, i didnt know what to do, so they asked me to remove my shoes and go inside the main hall of the new building. There was some flowers on the floor and a liquid, dont ask me what was that, haha, but it was smelling coconut.
so, they put a red painting on my forehead, that red 'pin' that indians use.. and they threw rice on me, hauahah
I had to tell the owner of the building: - come to me.
Hahahahh, dude, can u imagine my face?!?!
After that, we went inside an apartment and everybody went to the kitchen, they lightened the stove and put some flower on the stove and they were singing something that was sounding like prayers... At this time i was kinda frightened thinking that they would sacrifice me or something, hahha, just kidding.
They also threw flowers in a drawer in the bedroom. Then there was some small temples in the living room and they also did something which i could not see properly because of people in front of me --'
Then, my made was with me, she asked to take a picture with the owner, then i asked: - why? is he famous or something?
She said: - yes, very famous, he is Ekta Kapoor's dad and he does bollywood movies.
(Ekta Kapoor is like our lovely Silvio Santos. hehe)
Uauuu, even i took picture with him after that. hahahaha. Have a look:
His name is Mr. Jitendra.
I think you can find more informations about him on google.
Anyways, after all was over, he introduced himself and asked me where did i come from (of course he knew i am not from India, because i didnt know what to do on this ritual and because i didnt know him! hahahaha)
Ah yah, the name of the ritual is Pooja and its something like decorating gods and all so that they will have luck and success. (If you are an indian and you are reading this and you found some wrong information, be comfortable to correct me... cause this is the first time i pass through this experience! :P )
Look at me, do i look indian now?! :D
Hahahaha, thanks God, for each experience u give me!
Now look at this pic <-
This is the livingroom part that i told.. the owner was stepping right on that small carpet and they were making something, i couldnt see properly, but, probably they were putting flowers somewhere too. heheheh
Its a big living room, isnt it?!
But they expent just a little time on this room.. pity, because it was the most decorated room.
Now see here, they were doing the ritual...
After this part, they gave me an envelop and sweets.
I was not knowing what to do with the envelope, so they said me -put in your pocket..
Ok then.. after a while i said my made: -ohh i forgot to give the envelope!
She said me: -dont worry, the envelope is for you, there is money inside it. :O
Yeah, the envelope was really for me.. Some rupees were there. I could not get why they give money, but they do. Indians love to give money. hehehe
Well, yeah, i hope u enjoyed reading my most recently experience, now is time to go to bed.
Sorry but i ll not put thought for the day because the website is in my favourites of another computer. boh, anyway.
Have a nice day. (: