Monday, January 26, 2009


3 days remaining for my birthday.

Today my very good friend came back to Brazil.
She was living here in India too.
I feel a little alone now.
Its hard to explain, i know i have more friends but, brazilian friendship is different , i am already used to it, we used to go to many places together and acting same way. Boh, nevermind, you wont understand me unless u have friends from other countries too. Luck of me that my family is with me.
It is a blessing having the opportunity to travel and know different parts of he world, to communicate and live with different people. But at same time its difficult, you feel like not wanting to let go of some things/people.
People who travel a lot is obliged to practice detachment, everyday, everytime.
I can handle it.

I am happy!
Yesterday i got my yoga certificate. Now i am a oficial Yoga Teacher!
The certificate says that i ve done the comprehensive yoga teachers training course. Now i wanna put a glass on it and put on the wall. lol.
After 1 year of course, getting stressed ( haha believe it, i used to get stressed during the course, because we had to do some jobs together, so some friends didnt use to cooperate well. hehehe), doing many volunteers camps, talks etc... finally i got it!
Now i am planning to do another volunteer job in an orphange. Also i want to go to peoples house and teach them. Then create my own Yoga Studio! I already have a name for it, but its a secret for now. =P
This is my pic at the yoga intitute, holding my certificate:
Hahahaha, this is the best bday gift i ve given to myself!!
I was suppose to do my yoga exams on november 08, but as i said, i am always traveling, so in november again was not possible, neither december. so i did in the beginning of this month, jan 09 and passed and all. Yeah!
Now if u need a yoga instructor, just let me a message. hehehehe
Ahh, i m thinking to make a workshop of yoga, an introduction of yoga. It sounds nice isnt it so?
But i m afraid here in India they dont get much excited, as u find yoga teachers on each road. hehehe.
I ll try anyway.. lol

2009 started very well for me, besides getting my certificate, i started a photography course.
I m learning about professional cameras, how to take pics and composition etc.
I am enjoying so much the course, almost everyday my group goes to some place here in the city to photograph, our teacher is always there with us, telling how to do each shot.
I like very much to take pictures of flowers and dogs. People are also fun to photograph, but then i need to ask permission for each shot..
Also i am learning modeling, hehehehe. No , i m not doing any course of modeling. Its just because at this photo course, we also learn studio lights, so a model is recquired just to be there so that students can make their practices by clicking. I m always the model,. hahaha, its fun.
But not everytime, as i need to click too.
Anyways, im having fun.
Now i wait excited for my visa to Australia.
I wanna go, i need to change, i need to come back to my studies.
Yo. and thats the way i take life. Always changing, always doing something.

" Conquer yourself, understand your emotions, build your character and you will be on the road to excellence."
--- Written in 2009 by Md Rujhan Saim --- Malaysia