Saturday, September 6, 2008


Today i did my first talk!
(that presentation i told you before) It was quite nice, i was nervous but i did it.
My friend recorded me, so i evaluated myself and now i ve got some points i need to get better. I was thinking english speech would be hard but it was not. I gonna tell you what i feel that needs to get better. First, i have to do my talks without glasses, i got distracted by constantly touching then; also, i ll do my next talk with my hair tight because when i get nervous, i keep touching something, like i did with my glasses and if glasses were not there, my hair would be the target. hehehe
Another thing is that i keep dancing and shaking hands while speaking. Clearly its sympton of anxiety.
Anyway. Mrs D liked my topic, and so the target group. They found it very interesting. XD
(I spoke about hiccups and how yoga helps)
Well, i could explain this to you but i fell like not wanting to hear about hiccups for a long time. hjehueuheuhe
But i can tell you that yoga helps through pranayamas. (:
Ok, you don't know what is pranayama, right?
Pranayama is the control of our bio-energy, our breathing.
Particularly , i am proud of myself because i have choosen the yogic cures for hiccups, i mean, i didnt search on any place for yogic cure, i just looked for homecures, but yogic cure i ve made it, and man, its danm nice. heheh
I have choosen the pranayamas IV, V, VII and IX because they have retention and suspension of our breathing, and when we do this, we are increasing carbon dioxide in our blood, so that, the body removes this carbon dioxide and forgets about creating hiccups.
*Excepting for the pranayama IV which you have only to focus and control your breathing through the diaphragm.
Uffs. This was a part of my talk. hihu! :D
Now, changing abruptely the subject, i ve got a new hobby which is photography.
I ve got a lot of influences, so i opted for this hobby. I am very open minded and i like to do many things, thats why i have lots of hobbies, but sometimes, having lots os hobbies is not a good deal because you might dont have time for all or not get improved in all hobbies. Both are my case. hehe
This pic was taken in Collaba, this building is one of the stations here in Mumbai.
Particularly, i found this pic very nice. hihu.
This is the beautiful part of the city that i live.
See this black and yellow old cars. These are taxis!
huihuih, soooo old, so noisy and cute at the same time!
Now, take a look at that white car from the right side. This car is taking part of the contrary road, hahah! Its completely normal, it was remaining 8 seconds to the traffic light become green, but this car was not bothering. hauhaha, when the light became green, most of the cars started to horn and then the white car got out.
Yah yah, horn is one thing that drivers love. It is written 'horn please' on each truck we see. hehe
I got used to all these horns.
Now see the difference. This is another part of the city.
People live at these places!
Some people does not have neither places like that; they just lie down at the side walk (if they find one).

So... will you still complain of something?

I also took this pic. See, i am not a photographer, as i told you, its just a new hobby. My intention is not only showing how i am improving in photography subject or whatever, but the real aim is to show some meanings of life, to show the reality.
Right now, i am hearing a song which says: "This is real, this is me, i am exactly what i am supposed to be now, gonna let the light, shine on me.." - Demi Lovato - This Is Me
This is a teenager song, but if you listen carefully this part (i mean, this phrase) and try to put it like a practice in your life, you can live happily with what you are, where you are and yet, you will automatically shine. No need to complain.

Thought for the day:
" Whatever happens, just relax and manage to make a smile. Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed. Make everyday your best day!"
--- Author Unknown ---

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hola amigos

Sorry folks, but todays post will be small, i am kinda tired and its late night.
haha, today started with hi in spanish.
Spanish because, i noticed that i did a good friendship at yoga institute. This new friend is mexican and she is doing yoga with me. She is a nice person, funny i would say! haha!
The most funny thing i found, is that i dont notice when she is speaking english or spanish. Yeah, i mean, i can understand both languages and when she speaks, after a while i notice which language. Ok, example.. Suppose she speaks with me in spanish, while she is speaking, i am hearing, but i am not noticing which language she is speaking, i am just listening and understanding... But when i m going to reply i become to notice. hahaha.
Its a funny thing, sometimes she is speaking spanish and i reply in english, or sometimes she is speaking english and i reply in portuguese or mix of portuguese, spanish and english, ehehehehhe
Yah, i do that because my spanish is una mierda. hahahah
I can understand very well, but to speak its another story. =P
I think this mexican has the same little problem i have, people think wrong about our language. Ej.: People come to me and say -ohh you are brasilian, so you speak spanish/brasilian. There are a few that know that brasilians speak portuguese and not spanish or 'brasilian'. hahahah
I have heard people saying to my mexican friend: - ohh you are mexican, so teach me mexican words.
hahahah, i ve heard this twice at the same classroom, and for the first time, the mexican replied: -mexican is a nationality, we speak spanish!
hahah, dude, she broke their legs by saying that. hihiuhuehauehau
Also, she likes parties very much, she is always calling me to go somewhere. I think mexicans are very fun and outgoing people, just like brasilians. (yes, i know one more mexican. thats why i am saying)
Anyway, its nice to have friends, i was missing to have a good friend at classroom, just like school time. (:
Well, today my day was ok. I was suppose to wake up early but my sleep was stronger than me. So, i slept... in the afternoon, internet was not working, i wrote one more talk. Now i have to get these 2 talks for correction so that i can do them this week. - tiring.

Thought for the day:
"A beautiful life doesnt just happen; its built daily by continuous practice, humility and prayers."
---Ishvara Pranidhana / Surrender---